This is not Google! Roared my interviewer.

Some time back (2011) I was fortunate enough to go for an oral job interview.  I prepared for it the same way I used to prepare for exams [research, bits of cramming and some planned forgeries here and there].

After about three days of planning I was ready, but there was one last thing I hadn’t taken care of, dress-code.  Since I was leaving no stones unturned in my preparation, I made a few calls and got myself a really good suit plus a tie from a friend who by the way is very good at knotting them (It’s not easy to come up with a good knot this guy even made a robot for this kind of work!)

15 minutes to the interview my mirror had other plans. You see according to the mirror I looked like a living stuffed animal.  The person I was staring at was too smart and too awkward looking to be me and to a small extent it affected my confidence, so without even thinking I quickly removed both the tie and the coat. Ten minutes later I was seated in front of my interviewer without a tie or a coat but super confident.

“Where is your tie? …long pause….This is not Google.” This was the first question I got from my interviewer, he was not amused by my look at all levels and he wanted me to know it.

The interview started off from a wrong key and it got worse with more questions.

In primary we called them ‘solvereres’, they were math wizards, they did all our homework, infact they were our heroes…. academically.  There was one thing common about all of them especially the boys; they just found it hard to comb hair (“solvereres never comb”).

Twenty years later, I live with these same ‘solvereres’ except that this time round they are called programmers and I happen to be one of them

I removed my tie and the coat because it gave me more freedom + confidence, but the root cause of this fallacy lies in my programmer background.  Slowly but gradually society is accepting our dress code to an extent that a programmer might turn up for a friend’s wedding in a T-shirt.  The future is surely bright.

If you are into IT and your dress code is casual Monday to Monday , please ensure that you at-least own a tie and know how to knot it. Go one step further and buy a suit; all these will come in handy some time, trust me


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