Dear Zuckerberg, FB search sucks beyond comprehension

For some reason {policy, strategy or pride} your search sucks. Don’t get me wrong it works; it actually works very well for simple search requests like, searching for a friend whose name you have forgotten or for a page where you know its exact name and string case. With these plus a few simpler search requests one will often get what they are looking for.

You see Mark; I go to Facebook to do a few simple tasks (I use m.facebook 99% of the time):

  1. See what my friends have posted (and rarely comment)
  2. Check my inbox (always empty but you  never know)
  3. Visit my favorite page (where I  spend most of my time)
  4. Search for something (terrible experience)
  5. If I am in the mood, update my status

So if there is nothing new on my favorite page or from my friends, I will just logout.  This is almost the same thing I do with my Gmail account with the difference being that in Gmail I can search for and get anything I am looking for.

Many features in Facebook have been upgraded but for some unfathomable reason the search is still the same. My frustration has been building for quite awhile until yesterday when it reached boiling point.

Yesterday I made a comment on a status posted by a page admin; I came back one hour later to see if others had added more comments but alas, I couldn’t find it (not the first time it is happening). For some reason Facebook has a tendency to hide some status updates especially on FB mobile. The hiding is not random but follows some pattern which in my frustration I care less to find out.  Mark, the question now is how do I get to that particular status update? Enter FB search.

FB search fails miserably time and time again, how do I search for a posted status update? How do I search for a comment I made some time back?   In my frustrating experience, you won’t get what you are searching for, 90% of the time.

Another frustrating example: searching for a person called Agnes residing in Europe when you are in South America.

FB search will first of all search your friends, then your friend’s friends, then your friend’s friend’s friends (:-, all the Agnes’s who reside in your country etc, etc. By the time the search reaches Europe, you have given up. Oh by the way, the search results will be anyone with the word agnes in their name, there is no way to restrict the case, or the exactness of the name.

Another frustrating example; it is only in facebook where (the cave, The cave, tHe cave, the Cave…..) are all different entities. In case I don’t know the exact spelling of what I am searching for, I am in for lots of clicking. This is especially true for groups and pages.

These are just a few areas in which the FB search is useless, there are more but atleast you get the point.

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One comment

  1. David Okwii · · Reply

    FB sucks on Mobile! Other search queries my be curtailed by FB’s privacy policy i think

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