Recently I had to write an API to an existing ASP C# web application. It was an interesting experience of which I would love to share my experience with the hope that I might help a few and also get advised on some aspects. When designing the API architecture; I had to make a choice […]

Last year I promised myself to pull a prank on a small section of users for one of my web apps. My intention was to stop them from setting or changing their password until their fourth attempt. With every try, they were supposed to get an error message ‘Your password has already been used, please […]

Debugging is both a fun and frustrating process, it is fun when you keep finding and fixing the bugs in the shortest possible time while it is frustrating when you can’t find the root cause of or the bug it’s self. Every programmer has a style that works best for them when it comes to […]

I have recently been introduced to the world of Java and OSGI. It’s a nice world to live in and a frustrating one for beginners. I’ll try to share some of my experiences here with the hope that someone will find them useful. OSGi in brief: “Any framework that implements the OSGi standard provides an […]

It is not a greeting, not a statement but a great teaching aid. Hello world has its roots in the programming world and it would be unfair of us if we didn’t share this utility with the rest of the world. So what is Hello World? In my opinion, Hello World should stand for “The […]

I was requested to post this article here by a colleague.  The author, Allan Amanyire is the products administrator at InterSwitch East Africa. Every Project Manager I know is asked the same question: What does it take to manage a project? It sounds like a simple question but I often fail to break it all down […]

Some time back (2011) I was fortunate enough to go for an oral job interview.  I prepared for it the same way I used to prepare for exams [research, bits of cramming and some planned forgeries here and there]. After about three days of planning I was ready, but there was one last thing I […]